Stage Director

Ylva Kihlberg


Productions by Ylva Kihlberg

Operans Gala

A fully staged concert that takes us through some of the best music from the magical world of cinema.

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breaking the waves

BREAKING THE WAVES is an opera by Missy Mazzoli with libretto by Royce Vavrek, based on the movie from 1996 by Lars von Trier.

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ANGELICA is a new version of Puccini´s opera Suor Angelica, created by Ylva Kihlberg.

A grand, classic opera, looked at with new eyes, integrating video, social media, projections and dramaturgy that underlines and enhances the story. The opera is sung in Danish.

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Vox Humana

A tour de force through the terrors of love and the human mind.

This challenging show is built around Francis Poulenc´s opera La Voix Humaine, The human voice.

It is an intimate peek into a woman´s struggle after a hurtful break up, where death seems to be the only way out.

The show combines opera, modern dance, human beatboxing and new music in the investigation of the limits of  the human voice and the depth of the human mind.

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Nibelungens Ring

WAGNERS MESTERVERK PÅ EN AFTEN / Wagners masterpiece in one night

Copenhagen 2020

In a completely new and never before played version, 15 hours of opera is cut to about 90 minutes of wonderful music where we experience all the highlights from Wagner´s amazing and adventurous story. For the first time the music is arranged for grand piano and organ, an arrangement that really suits Wagner´s music.

Four of our times most succesful Wagner operasingers blow our minds with their incredible voices and the story of The Ring is told by the opera expert Henrik Engelbrecht.

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Det er så yndigt at følges ad


Scenes from a dysfunctional marriage. A different kind of operatic concert that turns the genres usual perception of power and sex upside down.

Is classical opera out of date and maybe even sexistic? We challenge those statements and turn things around, we break the cliches and suggest another way.

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Erbarme dich

When Corona hit and paralyzed the music- and performance arts, this beautiful collaboration was born. These brilliant artists worked together, yet apart, creating an exciting fusion between opera, jazz and modern dance.

All inspired by one of the most beautful pieces of music ever written; Erbarme dich, mein Gott from the St. Matthew Passion by Johan Sebastian Bach.

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